Friday, August 5, 2011

Kareena Kapoor Dress disaster Photos

Kareena Kapoor is considered one of the most glamorous Bollywood babes of recent times and Since she is with her Boyfriend Saif Ali Khan,many times both of them are seen in various fashionable dresses but recently Kareena is being spotted with a dress in which her buttons were not at all done( Means a Dress without Button).

Recently the thing happened when both of the Love birds been spotted together coming out from Mayflower Building in Mumbai after attaining a friends birthday at Midnight.Though first Kareena was little hesitant to give pose in front of the Camera as she was not properly dressed but later she agreed after her would be hubby Saif Ali Khan gave her green signal.

Kareena was seen in chappals and Casual white dress with sky color pujamas but yes the white dress disaster came clear in front of the camera as there are some buttons missing in that.

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